The PNG Biodiversity and Climate Fund is a grant-making institution. Its role is to raise funds  from diverse sources (multilateral and bilateral donors, foundations, the private sector, and others) and channel that funding to nongovernmental organizations and community groups whoare implementing conservation and climate projects in PNG.

In accordance with the BCF’s initial Strategic Plan, the BCF’s grant-making program will focus on five key programmatic areas:

Area-Based Conservation Management (PAs and OECMs)

The Fund will initially focus on providing financial support for existing priority Protected Areas (PAs) and Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures (OECMs). It will then expand its funding to include support for expanding the PA network.

Climate mitigation and adaptation

The Fund will support nature-based solutions to climate mitigation that achieve significant conservation and other sustainable development co-benefits. Support will be provided for terrestrial and coastal/marine programs that mitigate climate impacts while supporting long-term financing for conservation and community livelihood initiatives, including REDD+ and Blue Carbon initiatives.
The Fund will also work with government, communities, and the private sector to address ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change.

Applied research to improve knowledge, understanding and awareness

The Fund is committed to increase knowledge and understanding about biodiversity and climate issues in the country.

Sustainable resilient livelihoods

Initially the Fund will focus its financing on grants to NGOs and community organizations that are nonprofit organizations legally registered to operate in PNG, for both the development and the implementation of sustainable development programs. However, with time, the Fund will seek to provide an array of funding aimed at leveraging other capital that could stimulate conservation enterprises.

Training and capacity building

Almost all the Funds’ programs will include a component for capacity building that will be integrated into the overall project objectives and implementation plans. The Fund will also develop training programs to address specific identified needs. One area of focus will be on addressing the lack of capacity of key local NGOs and community based organizations (CBOs) to design projects, prepare project proposals, manage and monitor the projects, and account for the funds. These constraints limit access to financing for many organizations in the country and constrains how much funding the Fund can provide to grantees. Targeted training grants and programs will be designed to target different stakeholders to be grant recipients and will support efforts to increase their absorptive capacity.

More information on the BCF’s grant-making processes and calls for proposals can be found on
the Grants and Opportunities page.