Join the Biodiversity and Climate Fund in recognizing World Tree Kangaroo Day on May 21

The PNG Biodiversity and Climate Fund (BCF) is partnering with the Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program, Tenkile Conservation Alliance, Port Moresby Nature Park, Wildlife Conservation Society (PNG) and conservation organizations from around the world in recognizing and celebrating tree kangaroos, an iconic but threatened PNG species.

May 21, 2022 will mark the first annual World Tree Kangaroo Day, established to celebrate and raise awareness of tree kangaroos; raise support and funding to assist with tree kangaroo conservation efforts; unite cause-related conservation organizations, NGOs, zoos, governments and people around the world to celebrate tree kangaroos; and increase funding efforts to support PNG Protected Areas, which ensure the longevity of tree kangaroo habitats.

Please visit the World Tree Kangaroo Day webpage to learn more about tree kangaroos and the organizations working to protect them, including how you can get involved.

To show your support for Protected Areas and Tree Kangaroos in Papua New Guinea, take and share a picture using this Facebook Filter! The filter works using your phone’s camera and the Facebook app.